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1. All invoices are valid 24 hours after the confirmed booking request. Within this time, your deposit will need to be paid. If not, your requested date or time will be available to others. Also, Non-payment of your deposit within this period will void your booking request. In which it will have to be requested again. All remaining balances are due 7 days before your scheduled event, depending on rentals. The remaining credits that are not paid will subject your event to cancellation without prior notice. Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE  but are available for future events within six months of the original event date.



  • No flips or somersaults.

  • Do not bounce or play near the opening of the bounce house.

  • No sitting or lying in the bounce house.

  • Keep all pets away from the bounce house.

  • Keep all children away from the blower and power cords.

  • Do not unplug the bounce house while occupants/ riders are inside.

  • Do not attempt to move or unstake the bounce house.

  • Do not use the bounce house under the following conditions, or if they develop: (high winds, exceeding 15 mph, power outage, if bounce house becomes wet for whatever reason, the bounce house is punctured).


ONLY ADULTS 18 & older can access concessions if a Jump'n attendant is not in attendance.

Please have said adults available when we arrive to show them how to use our concessions properly. We are not liable for any adults or children using the concessions. Customers agree to forfeit a Jump'n Attendant if not requested or denied at the time of invoice.

All of our concessions come with a specific amount of servings. More servings are available at an additional fee per serving. 

We suggest 2 servings per guest because we don't want little tummies hurting because of too much candy or popcorn. It's at your discretion, but please be mindful that 50 servings will go fast for your guest.


*Rental price of bounce houses, concessions, & DJ is for four hrs. Additional hrs cost extra.

 *DJP reserve's the right to refuse to complete any event that can potentially cause harm to our equipment or staff (i.e., bad weather, hostile guests)

*We will not set up in bad weather. Please give at least two hrs notice if the weather will affect your event

 *The total amount of the rentals are non – refundable, even if the event is cut short due to bad weather.

* Send photos of the location of the bounce houses. The location must be clear of any obstructions such as trees, trash, cars, etc.

*Electricity for rentals is the customer's responsibility. If your home has frequent power outages due to excessive use or event is located in a park. Please request a generator.

These can subject your event to cancellation upon arrival or with no refund if not handled as requested. As always, you bring the guest. We will bring the party.🥳

The following items are not allowed in the bounce house and must be removed:

  • shoes or footwear

  • sharp objects/ pocket contents

  • glasses

  • jewelry and watches

  • hats

  • chewing gum

  • food and drinks. DJP will charge a $40.00 cleaning fee on all units found with such substances.

  • party favors

  • Silly string. A $1,000.00 fee will automatically be imposed and be due payable by the customer. This item causes irreparable damage to the bouncer.

All deliveries will be made within an hour time slot before the event is scheduled.

We provide delivery, set up, & take down to the Philadelphia tri-state area. 

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